Atelier dos Violinos


In our atelier we try to give the greatest expressiveness to each of the instruments that pass through our hands, respecting the tradition of this art and prioritizing our daily work of conservation and care.

Atelier dos Violinos - sobre

Atelier dos Violinos is a workshop specializing in the construction of Violins, Violas and cellos.

Construction requires techniques and skills that apply to the sonority and beauty of instruments in the art of luthiaria.

Our Atelier also has bows and accessories and strings from renowned brands such as Pirastro, thomastic and others. All instruments are assembled by our Luthier.

Atelier dos Violinos - Sobre

The Atelier is located in the western region of the city of São Paulo, make us a visit and get to know our showroom and top quality accessories for your instrument. here's everything your instrument needs.